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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

In this post, I shall be carrying forth the discussion started in the previous one, where I had explored the mechanisms through which jinnat can cause diseases. We have seen so far that the jinnat can enter into the victim’s body either directly or indirectly- as it happens in the case of black magic laced food. Besides these two ways, there is also a third way of whisperings by the devil which some na├»ve people start believing in and go astray.

Before I explain any further how the jinnat manage to make people suffer through physical ailments, I would first like to divide this matter into two sections:
·         First of all, we need to understand the tactics of those black magicians, in particular, whose motive is to cause physical pain to the victim. In their bid to do so, they can make the victim suffer from problems such as paralysis, blindness etc. The motive is to inflict the victim with pain, anguish; humiliation and to make life difficult for the victim.
·         Secondly, there are those cases where the black magician and his jinnat make persistent attempts to kill the victim. The kind of black magic which is done for killing a victim can also cause diseases such as cancer or some other life- threatening diseases. Even if the outcome of this type of magic causes a so-called ‘curable’ disease, yet it has been seen that repeated black magic assaults deteriorates the condition of the victim, creates major health complications and baffles the doctors. Sooner or later, even a curable disease aggravates and becomes fatal. When the magic is meant to kill the victim, every trick in the book is used to achieve the target. The situation is somewhat similar to the case of contract killings in which once the payment is made to the goons, the party wants the victim to be killed, at any cost. No chances are to be taken and no stone is to be left unturned in such contract killings. Since big money is involved in these killings so the goons who are hired for killing the victim have to deliver the goods, by hook or by crook. Likewise, the tantriks also charge exorbitant sums for killing the victim. In fact, their charges increase in direct proportion with the severity of the crime they commit. The harsher the crime they are hired to commit through black magic- the more do they charge. So when an enemy hires the tantriks to kill the victim then they are expected to literally pay through their nose. In such a case it becomes mandatory for the tantrik to deliver the goods and to see to it that the victim gets killed with the help of his hoodlums –the jinnat. Therefore, in such cases the victim can be assaulted mentally, through planted thoughts which can either be commanding in nature or else they can be petrifying ones. If the victim starts taking them to be true, then it is just a matter of time before he or she turns into a bundle of nerves. Controlling such a mental wreck is obviously a piece of cake for the black magician as compared to a person who is in the right frame of mind. Besides, such mental assaults, black magic laced food can also be offered to the victim cunningly. Lastly, he or she can also be directly assaulted by the jinnat. This is what usually happens in case of the deadly black magic known as Muth/handi

To sum up the discussion so far, the jinnat can either cause-
·         Temporary or chronic diseases to the victim
·         Kill him through repeated assaults.

So the diseases caused by the jinnat depend entirely on the callousness or the degree of vindictiveness of the enemy. The enemy may either want the victim to be afflicted by a disease or else he may want the victim to be killed. Unfortunately, in a world which, by and large, considers science to be synonymous with rationality and the supernatural synonymous with superstitions- many cases of such black magic induced killings are considered to be merely ‘medical cases’ which went wrong!

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


hasan said...

Im 41 years old suffering from chronic kidney disease. Its incurable and worsening day by day. I married two years ago, but could not contact with my wife till now due to disease.
Please help me in this regard, any way to get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Salaam i went on to the internet and saw your page about black magic my husband is suffering from this and he has left home and went back to Pakistan and got married again but he has not divorced me we have 2 children together, I need him home again and get rid of all this black magic what can you do please for me to help him?

Neha said...

My sister Neha is suffering of obesity from past 15 years which is due to black magic and evil spirit sent by the magician. She does'nt recieve good proposal for marriage due to obesity. Kindly help us... please give some solution. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

I am currently going through a miscarriage after already having had a miscarriage in November 2017. Can you please advise me if I have had magic done on me and if so how to remove it?