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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

In this series I have so far made an attempt to unravel the mystery behind black magic induced diseases. Let me summarize the facts which have been dealt with so far:

·   With the help of evidence based on the Holy Quran and the ahadith it has becomes clear that there is a strong link between black magic and various mental as well as physical diseases.
·   The diseases can be brought about by offering black magic induced food to the victim, through a direct assault by the jinnat (who enter the victim’s body and cause havoc) and lastly, through waswasas.
·   No matter how vicious the intention of the enemy- black magic cannot affect the victim, unless Allah (swt) Wills do so. After all, the worldly life is a test for us. So in certain cases when black magic actually takes a toll on our health or brings some sort of loss, we need to bear it with patience to earn Allah (swt)’s Goodwill.

Before we discuss the solution for black magic which is done from a distance to bring about diseases, let us first see how it happens. If the tantric is out to destroy someone’s health totally then he will try to use as many ways as possible to get success, especially if the victim is within his reach. However, in those cases wherein the victim is beyond the reach of his enemy, there is no way in which the black magic- laced food technique can be tried. So the tantric will be left with fewer options to harass the victim. In such cases the black magicians have to rely heavily on their jinnat who in turn try to make the magic spell successful.

Now after having understood the basic mechanism, let us try to explore in detail how this work can be done from long distances. Simply put, the jinnat can make the victim suffer from a disease directly in some cases and indirectly in others. In the latter case, the jinnat use waswasas to control the victim indirectly. Instead of inflicting pain on the victim directly they hypnotize the victim and mislead him to the extent that he will himself invite a disease. While doing so the first challenge the jinnat face is that of our body’s first line of defense, i.e. our immune system. As all of us know our immune system comprises of a system of cells, tissues and organs working continuously and in tandem -to protect us from diseases. The jinnat know this as well. So it is very important for them to mar the immune system of the victim so that the body becomes vulnerable to hordes of infections.
Scientific research shows that our immunity gets compromised due to certain factors such as:
·         Lack of sleep.
·         Faulty diet
·         Chronic stress
·         Consuming alcohol
·         Obesity
·         Lethargy
·         Unhygienic lifestyle
·         Radiation exposure
·         Dehydration
·         Smoking

The cunning and skilful hands which practice the dark arts of black magic are also aware of this. So they lay a trap and then lead the victim into it, cunningly. Once the immune system gets compromised then the number of infections or diseases which can get a chance to develop in the victim’s body is alarming.  The weapon used by them is, of course, the Satanic whispers, which has been misconstrued by the medical world as an ambiguous phenomena known as ‘hearing voices’ and ‘intrusive thoughts’. Through these evil whispers, the black magic jinnat try to exert influence for weakening the mind of the victim. If they manage to succeed in weakening their mind then they can easily lead them astray. The victim soon inculcates wrong habits due to which he faces a chaotic health. 

In order to plant the Satanic thought into the mind of the victim the jinnat have to enter the body somehow. This forcible intrusion of the jinnat cause warning signs such as eye-lid and eye brow twitching, jerks and vibrations in the body. Though naïve people would definitely overlook these signs as something natural or harmless but if we were to pay attention to them, we will notice that they are followed by an evil thought. For those who are aware of this type of jinnat activity this is a sign that there are jinnat lurking around- whose sole motive is to control our mind; to bend us and twist for their own whims and fancies.

Such attempts made by the tantriks- to remote control us- can be quelled by not surrendering before the ideas the jinnat present in our minds.
The repetitiveness of these evil thoughts can definitely bog down our spirits and make us weary, confused and suffocated. In order to avoid all these negative emotions we should Seek Allah (swt)’s Protection and put up a good fight!  

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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