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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Most of us have a long, never-ending wish list and a long life finds its way almost at the top of the list. We commonly find so many people praying to Allah (swt) for a long life. We know for sure that a long and smoothly-sailing life is possible only if we are blessed with radiant health. This is why people are increasingly becoming health-conscious and they do not compromise on the quality of products they consume.

Keeping diseases at bay through a healthy lifestyle has become almost everyone’s top priority in the modern society. Diet plans, nutrition counseling, hiring personal trainers, exercising, colon irrigation therapies; eating healthy and organically grown food etc are the some of the ways through which people try to avoid diseases and lead a healthy life. Over the years, awareness about health and nutrition has increased manifolds and the demand for nutritionists and dieticians is growing.

Suppose if we were to ask any health freak to pinpoint the causes of diseases then he would know most of them on the tip of his fingers. After all, even the kids who are still in school are aware of the health hazards due to environmental pollution, unhygienic living conditions, unsafe drinking water, smoking etc. This is hardly surprising since we live in the Information age where information can be easily accessed and exchanged.

Despite this so-called health boom reaching an all-time high, it is time for us to stop and ponder whether the health information which we have today is sufficient for us or not? Nowadays, holistic healing is being given preference over alternative medicines due to its all-encompassing approach. However, we seriously need to ask ourselves this question that “Is the information which we have regarding the origin of diseases an all-encompassing one as well”?

Hypothetically speaking, if a thief knows how to break into your house through both the main door and also the through the windows but you presume that he can barge into your house only through the main entrance then what will happen? Obviously, you will protect your main door with magic eye holes, safety chains, strong latches and what not but leave the windows unsafe.

Therefore, we need to understand about the origin of diseases in a comprehensive way so that we leave no stone unturned for being in the pink of health and for being blessed with a long life, which is a boon in itself.

Apart from the environmental, genetic, lifestyle and other physical factors which lead to diseases, the paranormal factor looms large in today’s society, especially due to rise in the western materialism, intolerance towards other people’s happiness and success, greed, envy; malice and jealousy.
Further in this blog, I shall discuss this paranormal factor which is related to the onset of diseases- in the light of Islam. Until and unless we are not able to comprehend the close link between the paranormal and the physical ailments, we will not be able to protect ourselves from diseases-completely.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Swarnim Gur said...

my father who is 79 year of age is suffering from sever forgetfulness he forgets bathroom his bed he was perfectly alright 2years back i suspect my bhabhi has given him something because she wants property my self is also victim of her meanness somebody told me karishma has been done on me which has come from ajmer kindly help me my husband also chats with women on net my house has become topsy turvy in last 5 years

Anonymous said...


From 3/4 years no peace in our home. facing many failure in work study.
we are 7 brothers and sister , we never fight with each other our father died in 1999 and we r still together. But from last year feeling like our bonding is not like before we r fighting on simple reasons or without any reason.

Mentioning that this year on April month my 2nd elder brother get married. We accept our sister-in-law wholeheartedly but dunno why she always try to break our family. She wanna live in a separate home with my brother but we don't want that. In-front of all she show she is happy with us and wanna live with us but she always create misunderstanding between us(my brother and sisters).
From the day she came to our house my mother is very sick. now my mother can't walk on her feet alone she need support. we consult many doctors many medication done but nothing bad came in reports but still my mother can't walk.her legs and hands r freezing day by day.
Let me tell you that my sister-in-law and her family lied and hide many important thing about her past life. she get married twice before marrying my brother but they didn't said this to us. we came to know about this truth after 2month of their wedding. But when we try to say this to our brother he didn't believe in us.from inquire we came to know that this is her nature that she get married and after 2/3 year get divorce and take money from groom. Now we r very much tense about it. But my brother don't wanna listen to us about it, He is blindly believing on her.

Also my sister-in-law and her family not informing their relatives about her marriage.She give some homeopathic medicine to my brother don't know about what. day by day my brother becoming more sick he said e feel pain on chest always. and our relation with our brother becoming more weak.He don't trust us now. almost every second day we fight coz of our sister-in-law.whole day she sleep don't work. i prepare and cook food for all then go for class but when my brother come home from office my sister-in-law say that she cook and done all household chores whole day. She lie every time and my brother trust her even though my brother know very well the taste of my cooked food.

we just want peace in our home and always wanna stay together with all brother and sister. want our mother to recover soon coz without her whole family is broken.
is this any effect of black magic ?
can u suggest me any wazifa to get out of this problems ?
i have doubt in my sister-in-law and her mother that may be they do black magic.
Help me if u can please i'll be very grateful to u please save my family.
Allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

As salaamu alaikum ! I got your address after searching the internet. I have a lot of problems and tried various treatments but with limited sucess. I used local and online healers. Some say I am affected and bound by sihr. Some say nothing is wrong with me. I just have to follow the deen properly. Others say I have to change my akhlaaq ( and act like a real sufi). I need your advice as I know that my life is not as I know it should be. And I know I am capable of achieving more success than I am at present. My name is Imraan Rawat, son of Maryam Bibi, born in South Africa on 29/4/1957. I am married with 5 children from this 2nd marriage. I have 2 children from 1 st marriage. I fell from rich to poor. I have debts from failed businesses. I owe more than 1 years house rent. My wife is always unhappy with me and denies me love and sex. I only have 1 true friend. The list of troubles are endless. I am, however,hopeful and happy. But I lose patience and hope. I am a Sunni and follow sufi teachings and respect the Awliya greatly. I am not Bait as my Sheikh is Marhoom. I am a homely father and have repented for past sins. Finally, a friend has agred to let my wife share half his shop and pay half rent to open a food take away. No online amil has so far given us a reply for istikhara as I have requested. Some say do it ourselves or to phone them or they refer me to oyher websites. My request to you is : " Please, I need guidance and help on the way foward. Restaurant opens tomorrow, with limited cash. We using food from home also to start. We are considered failures in our community. Maaf, but we are weak in amaals, even though we like to be 5 time namaazies. Please, we are not in strong financial position to pay for special treatment, etc. Do your best for Allahs sake and help us progress. May Allah help you too, Ameen, Was salaam !

Ahmad said...

Dear Amel,

hope you are doing well,

I am very thankful for your elaborate knowledge about the world of spirituality. May Allah give you jazae-khair.

I am affected from black magic since 11 years, the effects are in the form of physical symptoms, i.e, swelling of face, lips, and whole body swelling once or twice in a week, and also in the form of mental disorders, and anxiety.

I would like to request you, to give me ijazat of some special amal reagarding of Surah falak and surah nas, which can burn the jinnat and shyataeen which are attached to me.

Please guide me the specific number of recitation of falak and Nas, Normally, I recite falak and nas 111 times daily.

Nida said...

Respected Sir,
I just want to know is there any kind of magic done on me or not because the many of the symptoms you have given for black magic I match that symptoms. I would like to give my name so you can easily. As I always fall sick or anything happens when I want to go for job or interview and even for marriage any proposal comes it's negative reply.

Thank you