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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

As far as the black magic induced diseases are concerned they can be divided into two broad categories.

1.    The first category includes those physical problems which are meant to throw the victim’s life off the balance. These include malfunctioning of a sense organ, excruciating pain in a part of the body or paralysis. Through such disorders the victim’s normal life gets hampered and they can become a burden on others. Making the victim go blind or paralyzing half his body can put the victim in unimaginable trauma and his life will turn topsy turvy. The enemy can do this to the victim out of malice or vindictiveness and depending upon the severity of black magic, the problem can either be short-lived or a long-term one.
2.    The second category also includes health disorders but the motive is much more lethal in such cases. The enemy’s vengeance and viciousness reaches dangerous heights and the motive changes from causing mere physical discomfort to killing the victim through a fatal disease. If we probe into this matter a little deeper we fill find that the enemy always wants their work to be done at the earliest. Therefore, initially the tantriks aim to kill the victim suddenly-as in an accident or some other mishap. After all, the enemy would not like to sit and bite their nails, waiting for the disease to develop and then reach an advanced stage so that the victim finally succumbs to it. Hence, every trick in the book is used to kill the victim as soon as possible. For example: if the black magic practitioner knows that the victim drives his own car then his jinnat will plant a thought in his mind, ‘Drive faster and enjoy the thrill’. If the victim does not realize that he is being cunningly misled then he will not think twice before unduly pressing the accelerator and ending his life in an accident. If the tantric knows that the victim does not drive or that he does not possess his own conveyance then there is no point in using this trick. In such cases, they simply try to distract the mind of the victim while he is outdoors. For example, when the victim may be walking down a busy street or might be trying to cross a road with heavy traffic, he will be distracted in the most cunning ways. Sometimes the victim feels a gush of air as though a bird has flown past him. If he begins to take notice then he can get into trouble because presence of mind is very important, especially amidst heavy traffic. There are several such methods by which the tantriks may try to kill the victim suddenly. However, their success is not certain in every case due to some factors. So when they realize that killing the victim suddenly is not possible then they contemplate to do away with the victim gradually, through a disease.

Which are these fatal diseases and how do the tantriks go about it? What are their secret techniques? How do they manage to make their victims fall critically ill and eventually die- from a distance? In the next post, I shall Inshallah explain all these details. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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