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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

After having discussed at length about black magic activity from a distance let us now see what happens during a direct jinnat assault.

For those people who are aware about their enemies- their motives, agenda, modus operandi etc this type of attack can prove to be painful, undoubtedly, but the pain will be only physical. Such people will definitely face excruciating pain which can even leave them paralyzed. However, the pain will be a short-lived one as compared to those victims who do not have any idea as to what is going on in their life. This happens mainly because the aware and prudent victim tackles the situation in a seasoned way as compared to a naïve victim. The know-how about the modus operandi of the jinnat can help one to deal with the situation adeptly.

This is how it helps:

·   The jinnat attack may cause immense pain in some part of the body, say for example- the shoulders or the back. It is perhaps normal to be a little confused, initially. The victim may feel that may be the pain is due to his wrong sleeping position at night or maybe due to a hard pillow. However, with a little scrutiny, the victim can find out for himself that the pain is not due to any physical factor but a spiritual one. All that the victim needs to do is to observe the affected body part. Usually, there is some sort of a scratch or mark on the skin which implies that something brutal has been attempted through black magic. Sometimes, people will notice the mark but they will still find it hard to believe that it could be due to a jinnat attack. However, realism surely helps in these cases because the sooner the victim acknowledges the reality, the better. The reality may, of course, sound to be bitter and hard-hitting but ironically, the sooner it is understood and accepted the better because only a realist can deal with the problem on hand in an effective and practical way. Living in a fool’s paradise will not be of any benefit just like consuming alcohol cannot cure a person’s depression, permanently. Therefore, a prudent victim who lives with his eyes wide open will be able to crack the case eventually. He will realize that his pain is due to the mischief of his enemy. He will then try his level best to quell the black magic attack by seeking Allah (swt)’s Protection. Sooner or later, with the help of Quran recitation/recording or by seeking a spiritual help from someone pious, the victim will be able to overcome his pain. Due to his own wisdom and timely action taken in the right direction he will be able to thwart the enemy’s plan to torture him physically.
·   Now let us see what happens when someone unfamiliar with black magic and his enemy’s motives faces such a troublesome situation. In such cases, the victim’s mind is so much under the enemy’s control that no amount of sense, questioning or logic prevails. The first thing which crops up in the naïve victim’s mind is that there is something seriously wrong with his health and he needs to consult a doctor- ASAP. The first thing which comes to the doctor’s mind on seeing his patient wriggle in pain is Myalgia or muscle pain. So the treatment for muscle pain begins but very soon the victim realizes that his condition is not improving. This makes the doctor presume that, perhaps, there is a serious underlying disorder which is manifesting itself in the pain. So a second round of treatment begins which call for various tests, x-rays MRI’s and whatnot! Now the saddest part of the story is that when nothing tangible comes out of all the medical treatment then the patient is labeled as mad. Yes! Euphemistically speaking, the patient will be told that he is suffering from a somatoform disorder, which is a mental disorder, according to the doctors. This is a name given to the entire group of problems which are paranormal and beyond the scope of western psychology. Since the psychologists would appear dumb if they say that they are at their wits end so they have simply named all such health problems collectively as somatoform disorder. They define it as a condition whose symptoms are inexplicable and the medical tests also do not highlight any problem. By admitting that they cannot pinpoint any cause for the physical pain, the doctor’s leave their patients in a lurch and cause them mental anguish also.

 In the mean time, due to the absence of any spiritual healing, the assaulting jinnat get a field day- in other words, an opportunity for unrestrained activity making the pain worse for the vicitm.    

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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