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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

So far we have seen that the Islamic scriptures have thrown ample light on the fact that jinnat can cause diseases amongst human beings. Now the question which may pop up is that how can it possible for the jinnat, who belong to a spiritual realm, to afflict a human being with a disease? Do they manage to accomplish their evil plans externally/remotely or internally? If they do it internally then how do they manage to creep into a human body? Or is there any truth at all behind this seemingly implausible concept of the jinnat prowling inside a human body? Since the jinnat are made up of fire whereas the human beings have been created from clay so how can the former dwell in the later?  Let us try to solve these mysteries with the help of Islamic scriptures.

If we look at this topic from the Islamic perspective then we find that there are a three different ways in which the jinnat can afflict us with some of the most dreadful diseases.

·         The first method involves hypnotism in which the victim’s mind is controlled through Waswasas or whisperings. In this type of spiritual warfare technique, the victim is compelled into believing things which are illusionary. If the victim begins to entertain those false ideas or acts upon them then he loses control over his own mind. In the subsequent posts, I shall explain in an in-depth way how this technique of waswasas is used by the jinnat to bring about diseases.

·         The second warfare tactic employed by the gruesome black magic jinnat is by sneaking in the victim’s body to wreck havoc inside. Though this sounds appalling and hard to believe, at first, yet it is a fact which is backed up by ample evidence. According to a hadith, when Hamna bint Jahsh asked Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) about his opinion regarding the menstruation beyond its normal period, he said, ‘Such bleeding is but one of Shaitan’s stomping”. (At-Tirmidhi).According to another hadith, the bleeding ‘is a result of Shaitan’s stomping on a vein rather than from a normal menses’. (Imam Ahmad an An-Nasai). The type of black magic which is under discussion in this hadith is done on females only. Its motive is to cause agony to the female victim by making her bleed profusely after her normal menstruation period. Sometimes the bleeding becomes almost incessant and anyone can imagine the medical aftermath of this situation- especially if the black magic spell is not broken. This is an example of the back magic in which the jinnat carry out the orders of the black magician by entering inside the female victim’s body and stomping a known vein in order to make her bleed, causing anemia. Besides this, there are several other techniques by which the jinnat can creep into the victim’s body and cause physical agony. As far as the concept of jinnat entering the human body is concerned, there is another hadith which validates it. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Shaitan circulates in man’s body like blood’. (Al-Bukhari, Fath-al Bari: 4/282). This intrusion of jinnat in the body of their victim also causes friction which in turn leads to itchiness beneath the skin. This itchiness beneath the skin is one of the many signs of black magic activity and therefore, it has no plausible medical explanations.
·         The third method which also makes the victim quite vulnerable to a direct jinnat assault on his health- is through intake of food laced with black magic. This type of food is consumed unsuspectingly by the victim. If the victim is na├»ve and has no idea about the intentions of his enemy then this technique proves to be an easy, quick and effective way in which the black magician can succeed in his evil plan. Through this method the jinnat gets a vent through which he easily enters the victim’s body.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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