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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

In one of my previous posts:  THE MECHANISM BEHIND JINNAT INDUCEDDISEASES we have seen the main ways through which the jinnat can attack the victims to destroy their health; of course, at the behest of the tantric- with whom they have a vile pact. Let us have a quick refresher before we go deeper into this topic:
The first way is through Satanic whispers (Waswasas) and nightmares, the second is by entering into the victim’s body and the third is through black magic- laced food which is cunningly offered to the victim. So apparently, one needs to stop the black magic jinnat from using their 3- dimensional strategies somehow. However, the bad news is that nobody can actually stop a tantric from casting magic spells on the victim. Even if the victim has shielded himself completely from black magic and is almost black magic- proof, even then, his frustrated and desperate enemies will go on casting magic spells on him, persistently. So preventing black magic is out of question but what is important is to protect oneself from the adverse effects of black magic on one’s life and health.

Since black magic can be almost a constant nuisance, therefore, the methods adopted to tackle it should be the ones which yield long-term positive effects, instead of just short-term ones. For an all- encompassing healing, one needs to completely mould one’s life according to the tenets of Islam. Offering Salaah punctually, reciting Surah Baqarah, Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, Ayatal Kursi and other healing Quranic verses, inculcating the habit of maintaining the wudhoo to keep oneself clean always, hearing to Quran recitation, not giving in to Satanic temptations, following the Sunnah of the Holy prophet (pbuh) are the main practices which should be observed to protect oneself from black magic.
Besides this, it is of utmost importance to familiarize oneself with the tactics employed by the black magic practitioners and their jinnat. Unless one knows about the weaknesses/ strengths, cunning ploys and warfare strategies of the enemy it is impossible to win a war against them. The same holds true for black magic also. If the victims are spiritual enough, then it is of utmost importance for them to:
·         Know the name of their enemies (so that they can deal with them cautiously)
·         Understand their motives (i.e. the reason why they are resorting to black magic on the victims)
·         Knowing the type of black magic used by the enemy (whether it is voodoo, black magic or some other form)
·         Exploring the best solution for their problem (since every case is different, so tailor-made solutions are ideal)

If the victims fail to understand the above mentioned facts on their own then just like hiring a private detective becomes imperative in solving criminal cases, or like consulting a doctor becomes urgent in some medical cases, likewise hiring a reliable spiritual healer becomes mandatory so that crucial information can be collected and a suitable solution can be found to protect the victim from the onslaught of black magic.
Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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Anonymous said...

my husband has been diagonised by motor neuron disease 1 year back and nearly at the same time i found that he has been cast a black magic spell 3 years back. the disease he is having is a disease which is fatal and no medicine has been found out yet. now the disease symptoms have spread in the completel body and he is in final stage. also i am doing many things to cancel out the black magic from 1 year. as the disease has all the symptoms as the doctor said, how can i confirm that whether the disease is induced by black magic or is developed in the victims body naturally. If it is through black magic, then how do the tantrik know about this rarest of rare disease where 1 in 1 lakh people get this naturally. all these confusions are eating me away. pls help me