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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Hitherto we have discussed that the diseases which can be produced through black magic can either be temporary or chronic as well as mild or life-threatening by nature. Basically, the end result of black magic induced diseases depends on the intention of the tantric and on the degree of protection which the victim possesses. This degree of protection can be high/ sufficient in two cases:

·     If the victim is quite powerful in terms of his own spirituality, i.e. if the victim himself possesses enough spiritual power through worship of Allah (swt), regular recitation of the Holy Quran and by remaining clean (paak) then the tantric is bound to miss the bull’s eye. However, sometimes when the magic assaults are repeated and aggressive ones then mere religiousness falls short. Along with a religious attitude the victim also needs to be well-armed with comprehensive information about black magic. There are many amongst us who despite being religious tend to overlook the problem of black magic completely. Such na├»ve people simply rule out the possibility of black magic despite numerous, unexplained hurdles in their life. They merely pass on the buck to luck or some other factor. To put it in a nutshell, a religious-cum- spiritual attitude along with awareness of the mechanism of black magic enhances the victim’s degree of protection against black magic assaults.

·     The victims may also have enough protection from black magic assaults of their enemy if -by keeping in mind the magnitude of their problem- they seek help from a spiritual healer. This becomes mandatory in those cases where there are umpteen enemies who keep assaulting the victim more or less persistently. So in order to keep the enemies at bay seeking spiritual help becomes essential. We have often heard of people who avoid medical treatment and use natural remedies to cure themselves of diseases. They may often succeed too. However, sometimes the magnitude of the disease and the urgency of the situation leave no option besides seeking medical treatment. Likewise, a combination of ‘spiritual-cum-religious attitude, being vigilant and keeping an eye on one’s enemy;  familiarizing oneself with the techniques used by the tantriks in the spiritual warfare and also with the specific Quranic verses and other supplications specially meant to overcome the black magic issue’ can help a victim to quite an extent. However, sometimes the problem goes out of hand due to the treacherousness and ruthlessness of the tantric. In left unchecked, this issue can lead to a cold-blooded murder.

The end result of black magic also depends on the power of the tantric. However, the issue of his power is relative because if a victim is totally unarmed and weak - sans any spiritual protection- then in such a case even a weak tantric will get be able to topple the victim, sooner or later.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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