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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Assalam oalaikum,

Those amongst us who are familiar with the Dark arts know that the black magic agents can go to any extent to harm the victim. However, for those who are oblivious to the reality of black magic, it may come as a shock to know about its gory details.

Since medical science cannot understand or explain the paranormal aspects of the universe so this often leads to chaos. A vast number of pure, black magic problems- both mental and physical, are masquerading as medical problems in today’s world. Almost all the psychological disorders are the outcome of black magic and this holds true for various physical diseases as well. This fact is backed up by evidence Holy Quran (2:275) which says that Satan can drive a person insane by his touch. Therefore, it is imperative to unmask these disorders so that they can be understood in the light of Islam.
I have explained in my previous post: JINNAT CAN CAUSE FATALDISEASES that the weapon of black magic is being used extensively to cause various health related disorders-such as paralysis, excruciating pain in the body, blindness, inter-menstrual bleeding etc. Now let us move on to those diseases which are meant to take the victim’s life. Since killing the victim on the spot is an arduous task even for the most experienced black magic practitioner so they resort to creating a life-threatening disease in the victim. So technically all this is initiated through black magic but it goes on to take the shape of a physical ailment, which has been given different names such as cancer, liver and kidney failure etc.

It would not be an overstatement to say that jinnat can cause cancer rather it would be more apt to say that only black magic- driven- jinnat can cause cancer. After all, how can a person who in the right frame of mind, destroy his health deliberately? How can anyone weaken their own immune system by inculcating all the wrong eating habits? How can a sensible person seek refuge in alcohol, instead of Allah (swt) to ward off depression?

Since a black magic practitioner cannot use a weapon directly to kill the victim so he attacks the victim’s immune system in a quest to make him vulnerable. Once he achieves this target then the victim becomes like a soldier who is stationed on the warfront and runs out of ammunition. The only difference is that instead of the enemy’s bullets he becomes vulnerable to all sorts of microbes, infections and diseases. It is a well known fact that cancer develops in the body of the host which has a weak and ineffective immune system. Our immune system fights off cancer, germs and infections but in cases where it slackens, a person suffers from a wide array of diseases- cancer being one of them. Those who perform black magic with the intention to kill the victim are aware of this fact. So they try their level best to curb the functioning of the immune system by influencing the victim to adopt wrong practices which ultimately weaken the immune system. These malpractices include lack of sleep, stress, faulty diet, alcoholism, smoking, drugs just to name a few. Sometimes they urge the victim to cut down on food. This also turns out to be a sure-shot way of reducing the victim’s intake of vitamins and minerals, thereby weakening his immunity. Once the body’s first line of defense or the immune system gets suppressed then the victim becomes defenseless and falls prey to the lethal black magic. This herculean task is conducted from a distance mainly by hypnotizing the victim by cunningly implanting thoughts in his mind. Though this entire conspiracy is carried out in a stealthy way yet just like every criminal leaves a trace behind similarly the black magic jinnat also leave many clues- left, right and center. It depends on how quickly the victim manages to comprehend them and turn the tables on his enemy.
As far as death is concerned, it’s time is preordained. Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran: “And no person can ever die except by Allah’s Leave and at an appointed term”. (3:145).    

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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